leadTeam Members

Karen Fields

karen fields

Senior Pastor Karen Fields is Lead Pastor for The Father’s House Christian Fellowship, who has ultimate responsibility for the overall direction, spiritual health, and leadership of the staff.




Donna Lavin

donna lavin

Donna M. Lavin, is the Executive Director of The Whole Life Center and sits as a Board Member of The Whole Life Center and The Father’s House Christian Fellowship. She was the Founder of a non-profit organization A New Season Engagement to Marriage Training Service. Along with being Chief Financial Officer, Mentor to Youth in crisis situations. 


Dr. Rodney Ridley

dr. rodney ridley

Dr. Rodney S. Ridley is the Associate Provost and Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the O’Pake Institute at Alvernia University. Prior to his position at Alvernia University he was the Executive Director & Endowed Chair Professor of the Allan P. Kirby Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (APKCFEE) at Wilkes University.