The Whole Life Center is an independent non-profit Community Outreach Center established to aid and bring relief to the people in our community that have been negatively affected by the issues of life. Currently located in the Wilson Borough of Easton, Pennsylvania to serve the Greater Easton area, the Whole Life Center was incorporated and received a 501c3 in September 2015. The realization of the vision of the Whole Life Center came about in 2010 when a food pantry was established as an outreach of the Father’s House Christian Fellowship church in Easton. Pastors Barry and Karen Fields were made aware of a single family that had no food. With Christmas soon approaching, they went to the supermarket and bought them food and supplies. The word quickly spread about this food, and many more people in similar situations called asking for food for their families too. They knew they couldn’t keep buying food at retail prices for all of these people in need, so in 2011 they became an independent food pantry agency of the Second Harvest food bank.

Realizing the great diverse needs of the people that came for food, Barry and Karen decided to establish a non-religious, faith based organization separate from the church to better serve the needs of the people. The Whole Life Center currently receives and distributes well over 30,000 lbs of donated food, produce and baked goods each month from the Second Harvest food bank and Sam’s Club. Since then the numbers have grown upward to 200 families (approximately 800 people) per month plus a steady 20% new family growth rate are being helped with food every month from their facility, as well as hundreds more that are receiving food from other non-profit facilities they distribute food out to. The people in our community have been affected by recent hard economic times. With the ever increasing loss of jobs, homes, and the most basic level of human need; providing enough food to feed themselves and their families, more and more people are finding themselves in need of those basic elements of life. The Whole Life Center was established to help make a difference in these people’s lives.







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